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Address:Rayimbek Ave 120/124, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Category: [store] [point_of_interest] [establishment]
GMaps:[Google Maps Ikea]
N-S Co:43.2707732
W-E Co:76.9440205
Website:(Not Available)
Phone:(Not Available)
More Info:(Not Available)

Ikea is listed as ikea in kazakhstan that is located in Rayimbek Ave 120/124, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Ikea is categorized in 3 categories they are store, point_of_interest, establishment, . In the mid of 2018, google user rating in google maps for this business was '4.3' out of 5. The coordinate of it's location is 43.2707732, 76.9440205; You can locate this business by clicking this google maps link Ikea. It's website address is 'Not available', with phone number 'not available' and additional information for this business is 'not available'.

Manual :

Name : the name of business / establishment
Address : the local address of a business / establishment
Category : types of business / establishment that are/is related to
Rating : the rating given by google user prior to the time when this content was created
Gmaps : Link to Google maps of the business location
Website : Link to official website of business
N-S Co : North - South Coordinate or Latitude
W-E Co : West - East Coordinat or Longitude
Phone : official phone number of the business
More Info : Additional information about the business

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